dynmk & chill radio – 24/7 live stream – alternative R&B Hip Hop Future Soul Pop music – HIP HOP MP3


This music live stream is playing the most popular and chill R&B Hip Hop songs and Pop music from the dynmk music channel as well as the latest uploads.
The playlist will be updated regularly and new uploads will be added.

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All the songs can be found in this playlist:

Chat bot commands:
!song – Gives you the name and youtube link of the song that’s currently playing

!add song – You can now suggest new songs to be added to the livestream playlist. Write the artist and song name after the command, e.g. like so: ‚!add Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up’
I will check submissions daily.

!love – Counts your love for the song that’s currently playing. Also tells you how often the song has been ‚loved’. Is followed by a heart animation on the stream. Might take up to 15 seconds to kick in.

!more – Gives you another song you might like. Based on Youtube’s Related videos.

!latestupload – Gives you the name and youtube link of the latest dynmk upload

!playlist – Gives you a link to the playlist of all the songs played in shuffle mode in this live stream

Chat rules:
– No advertising or self-promotion
– Keep it civil
– English is preferred

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dynmk. This is the now.


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